Methodology report: Management Quality and Carbon Performance - Version 5.0


Carbon Performance Management Quality Methodology

By Simon Dietz, Robert Ingham and Valentin Jahn

This is the fifth edition (v.5.0) of the Management Quality and Carbon Performance Methodology by the TPI Centre at the London School of Economics. It provides the technical background to the TPI Centre’s assessments of Management Quality and Carbon Performance, with a particular focus on what is contained in the new Management Quality methodology, currently displayed on the TPI online tool in ‘Beta’ format. For information on the previous v.4.0 Management Quality framework, which was published in November 2021 and is displayed as ‘Current’ on the online tool, please click here.

The report contains:

  • The design principles underpinning the TPI Centre’s company assessments and assessment process (Section 2)
  • A comparison and justification for developing the Management Quality and Carbon Performance methodologies (Section 3)
  • The v.5.0 Management Quality framework, including explanations of the indicators used and how companies are placed on the levels (Section 4)
  • A broad outline of how the TPI Centre assesses Carbon Performance (Section 5)
  • Quality assurance provisions and how company feedback is handled (Section 6)

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