ASCOR country assessment results ?

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Countries are assessed across the ASCOR framework’s three pillars and thirteen topic areas.

Country emission pathways ?

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Country emission trends are assessed in several ways to account for a variety of factors and uncertainties.


The TPI Centre in partnership with a group of asset owners, asset managers and investor networks (see the ASCOR Partners listed here), developed an investor-led framework of indicators to assess how countries are managing the low-carbon transition and the impacts of climate change. In February 2023, the TPI Centre published an ASCOR Consultation Report to gather feedback from a broad range of stakeholders on an initial framework. A new version of the framework and an associated assessment methodology was published in the ASCOR methodology note in November 2023.


Antonina Scheer, Johannes Honneth, Setenay Hizliok, Simon Dietz and Carmen Nuzzo

ASCOR Methodology

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